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“Backroads” is a metaphor for the places I’ve haunted since retiring from the practice of law and taking up painting full time. My travels take me to the backroads of America and occasionally Europe, camera in hand, trying to capture the wild and the tranquil beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants. I’ve tracked down the great Highland cattle in Scotland, bears, elk and deer in Colorado, bulls and cows in Louisiana, barns in Maryland, the Belted Galloway cows (the ones that look like oreo cookies) wherever I can find them. I search out egrets and alligators in the swamps of Louisiana and horses in fields and stables allover.  


I’d prefer to paint en plein air, but my subjects rarely hang around long enough to even set up my easel. So I’m left with recording them with my camera and memory, both of which I use back in my studio to construct the picture I have in my mind.


I find both tranquility and excitement in wandering the backroads. The beauty of nature and the wild creatures that reside there transcends the hurly-burly of our manmade towns and cities. At this time in my life I feel more at home on the backroads than I do on the thoroughfares. Maybe that’s because my subjects don’t talk back.


Campbell Hutchinson

June 2013


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